15 Cakes That Are Definitely Not Safe For Life

These really don’t take the cake.

1. This Buzz Lightyear cake, which really looks more like a demented Mr. Potato Head.

ID: 3700650

2. This Disney Princess cake that is ribbed for your pleasure.

ID: 3700751

3. This Hannah Montana cake — wait, was there an episode where she turned into a vampire?!

ID: 3700427

4. This cake, which gave Tinkerbell a rather interesting makeover.

Also, those eyes! THOSE EYES!

ID: 3700497

5. Or this Tinkerbell cake, which decided to go for more of a surly look.

ID: 3700701

6. This bee-themed Father’s Day cake, that went to shit.

ID: 3700738

7. This beat-down Hello Kitty cake, which has a look of sadness and despair in its eyes.

More like, “hello kill me!”

ID: 3700522

8. This cake, which looks like a zombie baby digging itself out of the ground.

ID: 3701183

9. This sinister Mickey Mouse cake, that looks like he is ready to eat you.

ID: 3700809

10. This disturbing cake, which looks like a pregnant Dora the Explorer.

ID: 3700763

11. This I Love Lucy meets The Exorcist creation:

ID: 3700769

12. This rabbit cake, which by the looks of its eyes and how it’s holding the ball gag in its mouth, isn’t really into sadomasochism.

ID: 3700869

13. This cake, which appears to be the decomposing corpse of SpongeBob SquarePants.

ID: 3700817

14. This cake Pinterest fail, which answered the question: What would happen if you microwaved a minion?

ID: 3701136

15. And finally, this sheep cake, which is creepily staring straight into your SOUL!

ID: 3700376

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