10 Sketch Comedy Shows You Probably Forgot Existed

When it came to sketch comedy shows in the ‘90s, SNL, The Kids in the Hall, MADtv and In Living Color ruled the airwaves, but there were also a few other shows that helped launch some very famous careers.

1. The Edge

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Network: Fox
Number of Seasons: One (1992-1993)
About the show: The series featured an ensemble cast that included Julie Brown, Wayne Knight, Tommy Kenny (who would go on to be the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants) and a young Jennifer Aniston.

2. The Ben Stiller Show


Network: Fox
Number of Seasons: One (1992-1993)
About the show: Co-created by Ben Stiller and Judd Apatow, the show was a launching pad for the careers of not just Ben, but Andy Dick, Janeane Garofalo and David Cross – who served as a writer for the show.

The show was cancelled after 12 episodes, after cancellation it won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Variety Series.

3. The Dana Carvey Show

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Network: ABC
Number of Seasons: One (1996)
About the show: Starring Dana Carvey, the show also featured Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert in the cast. Additionally, the writers included Louis CK and Charlie Kaufman. The show lasted a total of eight episodes.

4. Carol & Company

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Network: NBC
Seasons: Two (1990-1991)
About the show: Every week, Carol Burnett and cast performed a different half-hour comedy playlet. The cast included upcoming actors Peter Krause, Richard Kind, and Jeremy Piven.

5. The Jenny McCarthy Show


Network: MTV
Number of Seasons: One (1997)
About the show: By 1997, Jenny McCarthy was the breakout star of MTV’s Singled Out. The network saw a big opportunity to capitalize on her growing fame by giving Jenny her own sketch-comedy show. But the show never caught on and only lasted for about five episodes.

Eventually, Jenny left MTV all together in 1997 to star in her short-lived NBC sitcom Jenny.

6. Culture Clash

Network: Fox (syndicated)
Number of Seasons: Two (1993-1995)
About the show: This show was created by the Chicano comedy troupe Culture Clash. It has the distinction of being the first Latino sketch comedy television show and ran for a total of 30 episodes.

7. Exit 57

Network: Comedy Central
Number of Seasons: One (1995-1996)
About the show: The show featured Amy Sedaris and Stephen Colbert, among the cast, all of whom had come out of The Second City in Chicago.

8. Saturday Night Special

Network: Fox
Number of Seasons: One (1996)
About the show: The show was a created as a direct competitor to Saturday Night Live. Roseanne – who was also the executive producer - drew from her experiences hosting SNL when developing the show. Its cast members included Jennifer Coolidge and Kathy Griffin.

9. House of Buggin’

Fox /__username__

Network: Fox
Number of Seasons: One (1995)
About the show: Starring John Leguizamo (who was also the series creator), House of Buggin’ was an attempt by Fox to replicate the success of In Living Color - which had been cancelled the previous season. The show only ran for eight episodes and featured Luis Guzmán in the cast.

10. The State

Network: MTV
Number of Seasons: 3 (1993-1995)
About the show: This classic MTV show, created by comedy troupe The State, launched the careers of it’s members: Thomas Lennon, Kerri Kenney-Silver, Michael Ian Black, Robert Ben Garant, Michael Showalter, David Wain and Ken Marino.

After the show ended the members went onto work together on different projects including, Reno 911!, Stella, and Wet Hot American Summer.

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