16 People Who Totally Got What Was Coming To Them

Let this be a lesson to ya! * shakes fist in air *

1. This (literal) shithead.

ID: 3067385

2. The guy who will probably never have kids.

ID: 3067388

3. Or the guy who dared to challenge Myspace Tom.

ID: 3067389

4. This kid.

ID: 3067390

5. The guy who was just generally being a bit of a douche to his dog.

ID: 3067391

6. Or this guy who thought he’d be a joker and mess other people’s shit up.


ID: 3067395

7. This jerk.

ID: 3067397

8. Whoever thought they could get away with this.

ID: 3067398

9. Eloise Mireles.

ID: 3067400

10. This dog and its poop yard.

ID: 3067402

11. Or the robber who didn’t get quite what he bargained for.

Not quite ‘Oceans 11’

ID: 3067412

12. This kid who learnt very early on that you NEVER HIT A CAT.

Unless you’re prepared to get hit back.

ID: 3067419

13. This idiot.

ID: 3067421

14. This genius.

ID: 3068214

15. Anyone who thought this was a good way to spend a Saturday night.

ID: 3068223

16. And Adam Sandler for thinking he could *totally* pull off a movie where he plays twins of the opposite sex. Totally.

ID: 3067396

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