The Westboro Baptist Church Has Accepted Adam Hills’ Invitation To Fly To Iraq

Don’t act so shocked.

1. Last Friday, Aussie comedian Adam Hills received a lot of attention for these words, directed at the Westboro Baptist Church.

Channel 4

2. After offering to “personally pay for every member of the Westboro Baptist Church to fly to Iraq,” Hills received plenty of praise.

6. Well, the challenge was heard. And accepted.

We accepted! Whence tickets? @PhilCooke: An offer to fly WBC members 2 Iraq 2 protest. Sounds like good idea to me:

— WBCSays (@Westboro Baptist)

8. WBC was also quick to confirm that its members have indeed been to Iraq before:

Ironically, @adamhillscomedy, we have picketed in Iraq before. Google it. #toldya cc: @TheLastLeg @kiis1065

— WBCSays (@Westboro Baptist)

9. Hills has since tweeted this, making us wait till tomorrow to see where this is going to go.

So @WBCSays want us to fly them to Iraq. I'll give my reply tomorrow night on @TheLastLeg 10pm Channel 4.

— adamhillscomedy (@Adam Hills)

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