29 Things That Prove Bali Is The Craziest

Sexy taxis, midget boxing and tiger sex. And that’s just the beginning.

1. This plane just chillin’ in someone’s backyard.

ID: 3326696

2. And this kite shark ready to soar into your nightmares.

ID: 3326703

3. This orgy of bees on the inside of a tree trunk.

ID: 3326705

4. And this dog on the back of a four wheeler like it ain’t no thang.

ID: 3326707

5. These Russians at the beach.

ID: 3326710

6. The one stop genuine shop till you drop fixed price 100% fake shop.

ID: 3326713

7. Signs like this:

ID: 3326734

8. And internet cafes like this:

ID: 3326736

9. DVDs like this:

ID: 3326748

10. And TV/Movie mashups you never expected.

ID: 3326826

11. Dogs that look like this:

ID: 3326829

12. And thongs that look like this:

ID: 3326935

13. Sidecars made from scratch!

ID: 3326937

14. Local advertising like this:

ID: 3326944

15. Literal warning signs:

ID: 3326947

16. And magic promises:

“Yep, just the one finger. That’s all we use.”

ID: 3326951

17. Lovely car decals on the front:

ID: 3326953

18. Lovely decals on the back:

ID: 3326956

19. Monkeys having sex out your window.

ID: 3326958

20. Monkeys having sex on you.

ID: 3326959

21. And tigers having sex.

“Oh I just helped expand my endangered species…what did you do today?”

ID: 3326961

22. Cheese flavoured TimTams.

ID: 3326965

23. Fashionable clothing:

ID: 3326966

24. Plenty of stickers to take home for the kids.

ID: 3326968

25. And some for your friends:

ID: 3326970

26. Magic Mushroom delivery service:

ID: 3326971

27. Clothing you can apologise with:

ID: 3326973

28. Street art that looks like this:

ID: 3326978

29. And sexy cab drivers that can get you to your sexy destination in a sexy car for a sexy price.

ID: 3326976

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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