21 People Who Have No Idea What’s Going On

And they probably never will.

1. This person who doesn’t know who Kurt Cobain is.

Hint: Kurt Cobain is not Billy Ray Cyrus.

ID: 3227500

2. This kid painting a “St. Patty’s Day Hat.”

ID: 3227525

3. This WTF church.

ID: 3227531

4. Seth Kiawah.

ID: 3227536

5. This woman.

I mean, I guess you could argue she knew exactly what she was doing. But she went about it the wrong way.

ID: 3227539

6. And this mother.

ID: 3227544

7. This YouTuber.

ID: 3227547

8. This teacher and her three balloons.

(They look like a penis.)

ID: 3227549

9. Club Penguin.

ID: 3227553

10. This cat.

ID: 3227554

11. Whoever thought these were the right flags.

ID: 3227558

12. This woman at the gym.

ID: 3227559

13. The only guy on the cheer squad.

ID: 3227563

14. This guy.

ID: 3227573

15. Richard.

ID: 3227578

16. This lady who spends her time driving around the city wondering why people keep catcalling her.

ID: 3227581

17. This guy in the background just brushin’ thin air.

ID: 3227610

18. The person who didn’t quite get the high they were after.

ID: 3227618

19. These guys who met “Pitbull.”

ID: 3227631

20. And the girl who though she met that dude from The Hangover.

ID: 3227656

21. And Gary Busey at a strip club.

ID: 3227676

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