A Lot Of People Are Upset That Lorde Won “Best Rock Video” At The MTV VMAs


1. At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, New Zealand songstress Lorde went home with the VMA for “Best Rock Video.”

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2. In doing so she became the first woman to win the award.

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3. A lot of people were surprised that Lorde’s music is considered “rock.”

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Imagine Dragons and Lorde were just invoked as examples of a "pretty good year for rock." lolololololol

— Kevin Fallon (@kpfallon)
ID: 3672154

Lorde won Best Rock Video and I’m hoping Kendrick Lamar gets Best Ragtime Song from the 1920s

— Michael Gregory (@schmoyoho)
ID: 3672152

8. And others were just confused.

Lorde is rock now

— The Band Messiah (@TheBandMessiah)
ID: 3672153

Lorde is considered rock?!?

— TYLER•KING (@JustTylerT)
ID: 3672155

10. Some weren’t quite sure what to do…

Lorde wins best rock video,,

— Tomochita Wurst (@Crazy_EchelonxD)
ID: 3672157

LORDE wins for a best rock award?!?!? #VMAs

— LL Cool Hay ♡ (@halcyonranger)
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12. There were, of course, angry people…

"lorde is rock, you just don't know real music"

— emo bread (@sweetrevxnge)
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13. But most people were just doing this:

lorde wins the rock category

— nat (@laurenhotregui)
ID: 3672167

Best rock video goes to lorde royals!!!

— zabs (@katie_zabs)
ID: 3672170

Lorde is in the rock category got me like

— karina $$$& (@1960hes)
ID: 3672171


— Joe hart (@joexhart)
ID: 3672172

My reaction to Lorde winning best rock video.

— sammmaye. (@Samandcheeese)
ID: 3672173

18. At the end of the day, though:

Lorde wins for umm Rock? The categories don't matter. A lady won! And she's talented.

— Roxane Bey (@rgay)
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