Meet The Self-Proclaimed “Australian Paris Hilton”

Kurt Coleman has a perfect face and a big following. He likes himself. A lot.

1. This is Kurt Coleman.

ID: 2787495

2. Kurt lives on Australia’s Surfers Paradise, and is quite taken with himself.

(His own editing.)

ID: 2787509
ID: 2788572

5. Every day he wakes up. Is amazing. And then goes to bed.

(His editing.)

ID: 2787518

6. Kurt takes a lot of photos of himself.

ID: 2787532

9. He’s garnered a big following in Australia.

ID: 2787550


ID: 2788588

11. Maybe because he’s an endless source of wisdom.

ID: 2787562

He’s right, you know.

ID: 2787612

15. Or maybe it’s because he loves spray tans.

“Spray tan life.”

ID: 2787687

“Spray tan <3”

ID: 2787694

“I love my spray tan.”

ID: 2787701

18. Even when his spray tan runs out.

ID: 2787785

19. Or malfunctions.

“Warning: don’t ever get upset when you get a spray tan.”

ID: 2787736

20. Maybe it’s his theory on MH370.

ID: 2787726

21. Or his theory on Pretty Little Liars.

ID: 2787801

22. Or maybe it’s because of whatever’s going on here.

ID: 2787744

23. Maybe it’s because even when he “pulls a stupid face, he is STILL HOT.”

ID: 2787766

24. Or his slo-mo “Bitchy hair flips.”

ID: 2787768

26. No, no, wait. It’s probably because of his understanding of everyone’s life problems.

ID: 2787783

28. He gets offended by chicken nuggets.

“I’m putting it on Facebook ‘cause I’m disgusstteeeddd.”

ID: 2787867

29. And he understands how the world works.

ID: 2787874

30. At the end of the day though, at least he’s honest.

“One day I just woke up and I was just like “fuck I’m pretty.”“

ID: 2787882

31. Kurt makes his own music videos.

ID: 2788548

32. And the lunar eclipse?

ID: 2788566

33. Apparently it’s nothing on him.

ID: 2788570

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Brad Esposito is a news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney, Australia.
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