#JoeHockeyFacts Goes Viral After Treasurer’s Controversial Comments

“The poorest people either don’t have cars or actually don’t drive very far in many cases.”

1. In a radio interview yesterday, Treasurer Joe Hockey sparked outrage over comments he made regarding people below the poverty line.

2. Many reacted online, with a mixture of serious and humorous results:

5. This morning, #JoeHockeyFacts began trending on Twitter.

Everyone knows that the mining companies are struggling so need a tax cut #JoeHockeyFacts

— magratj (@Meg James)

Poor people don't live in houses cause they homeless #JoeHockeyFacts

— LaResistanceWw3 (@Maxi)

8. It is certainly not the type of response Hockey had been planning on receiving.

Poor people just love the bus too much #joehockeyfacts

— lauraellen12 (@laura)

Paid parental leave for the rich is necessary, because they have extra cost burdens like butlers and nannies. #JoeHockeyFacts

— FakeChrisPyne (@Fake Chris Pyne)

"You can call it a tax, you can call it a levy, you can call it a rabbit". Joe Hockey doesn't know the difference #JoeHockeyFacts

— __rochellemarie (@rochelle)

$7 is not much if you have no income at all. #JoeHockeyFacts #auspol

— democalypse_now (@Brendan Manning)

13. Hockey has since come forward today, defending his statements on ABC NewsRadio:

AAP / Paul Miller

14. But this is just one of many moments that have cast negative PR on the Treasurer.

Can see you've been doing it tough, @JoeHockey Must be terrible only being able to smoke 1 Cuban cigar at a time:

— TheWillowGhost (@WillowGhost)

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