14 Reasons Dumbledore Is Actually A Massive Jerk


Recently, a Tumblr thread has been growing larger and larger as people realise the horrible monstrosities Harry Potter’s Dumbledore carried out.

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These are just a few of the multiple reasons Dumbledore is actually a little bit of a douche.

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1. Straight up at the BEGINNING OF THE WHOLE THING Dumbledore leaves a BABY in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT on a DOORSTEP.

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2. Next ol’ Dumbledore thinks it’s sweet to groom HP into someone keen on DYING for the GREATER GOOD.

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3. Also, he doesn’t tell Harry SHIT.

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4. Because otherwise Harry might THINK FOR HIMSELF FOR ONCE.

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5. When Harry just randomly ends up in the Triwizard Tournament Dumbledore calls NO INVESTIGATION and acts like it’s no big deal.

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6. He doesn’t do anything about the ghost of a girl that DIED just hanging around the school bathrooms.

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7. He locks Sirius Black up in the house he was ABUSED AND PUNISHED in as a child after he had spent TWELVE YEARS IN PRISON.

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8. And then he lets Snape carry on teaching at Hogwarts knowing FULL WELL that he’s a MAJOR DOUCHE to ALL the students just to keep him close.

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lol good one.

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9. Dumbledore doesn’t know (and if he does he sure as hell doesn’t give a fuck) about the teacher in HIS school with VOLDEMORT GROWING OUT OF HIS HEAD.

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10. Time and time again, TWELVE YEAR OLDS figure stuff out before him. TWELVE. YEAR. OLDS.

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12. AND AND AND!!!!!! He doesn’t even think that maybe it might be a LITTLE BIT OF A GOOD IDEA to get all the kids in the school to learn how to cast A PATRONUS.

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This is pretty much Dumbledore’s catchphrase.

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13. Also, this seems to be his excuse to get out of anything and move responsibility onto someone else.

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Yayyy!!! Forgotten responsibilities!!!

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14. Finally, he helps foster a community of competition, wrongful stereotyping of CHILDREN, and generalizations based on which “house” you got put in.

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Basically creating a school filled with cliques and unjust rivalries from the beginning.

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Dumbledore – Kind of a little bit of a douche.

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