31 Fantastic Fictional Characters You Want To Spend A Snow Day With

Because it’s cold, and it’s snowy, and for reasons, okay?

1. Crowley

I really love buddy comedies too. We could have a movie marathon.

ID: 2317740

2. Khal Drogo

I mean, he has furs in his tent, right?

ID: 2317770

3. Sherlock

Because he does yoga. He could totally help me relax. Yes.

ID: 2317820

4. Joan Watson

Girlfriend looks like she can build a mean pillow fort, am I right?

ID: 2317829

5. Ichabod Crane

He’s not really “up” on modern technologies yet so he’d probably be down with handing a book back and forth across the couch and reading aloud* to each other all day, right? RIGHT?

*He has an accent too.

ID: 2317842

6. The Hulk

He’s got the kind of sense of humor that will probably have me doing spit takes.

ID: 2317879

7. Nine

We could go dancing and never leave the house.

ID: 2317887

8. Hawkeye

I’ve heard he’s really good at nesting so he’s probably really good at building forts too.

ID: 2317923

9. Iron Man

We could…build stuff.

ID: 2317927

10. Thorin Oakenshield

That jacket looks super cuddly, and I think I need to borrow it.

ID: 2317941

11. Sherlock

Because…he really knows how to make an entrance…yeah. That.

ID: 2318003

12. Captain America

I could help him with his pop culture education.

ID: 2318012

13. Lestrade

He looks like he’s always watching for something to jump out from around a corner and get him.

ID: 2318019

14. Merry & Pip

Second breakfast and elevensies, y’all.

ID: 2318286

15. Donna Noble

Sassy women are fun to hang out with.

ID: 2318054

16. Mal Reynolds

He really wants to join us on this snowy day. He’s just having a hard time getting the words out.

ID: 2318062

17. Lily & Robin

Something insane is bound to happen.

ID: 2318218

18. Storm


Need I say more?

ID: 2318076

19. Ten

I bet he’d be really good at hide & seek.

ID: 2318107

20. The Winchester Brothers

They could get in on the movie marathons!

ID: 2318142

21. Han & Leia

Hey at least you know they’d bring their own snow suits.

ID: 2318173

22. Marshall & Ted

Speaking of Star Wars…marathon anyone?

ID: 2318211

23. Wash

Guys. He has dinosaurs.

ID: 2318225

24. Jack Harkness

Just think of the games to be played!

ID: 2318235

25. Bilbo Baggins

He understands the love of home and hearth but still enjoys a good adventure. Plus, excellent taste in jewelry.

ID: 2318279

26. Tom Hiddleston

He’s a fictional character, right?

ID: 2318294

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