10 Twitter Gems From Neil Gaiman Before His Sabbatical

The nerd king of social media is taking a break. It’s going to be ok, though.

You may have heard the news: Neil Gaiman told The Guardian he’s taking a break from social media in 2014. He needs the time to focus on writing books for us to read and teaching the lucky students at Bard College in New York.

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If you weren’t following Gaiman on Twitter and Tumblr before, you should have been. But never fear, you can always hunt through his backlog of posts to appease the lose while he’s gone.

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Appreciation of the Real Important Things:

Twitter: @neilhimself

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Never Forgets a Birthday:

Twitter: @neilhimself

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Fun with Fandoms:

Twitter: @neilhimself

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Smarts and Numbers:

Twitter: @neilhimself

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All Things Literary:

Twitter: @neilhimself

ID: 2218844

And all the plays on words you can imagine:

Twitter: @neilhimself

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