11 Rockstar Dads Jamming With Their Kids

Chances are your favorite rock star is also a dad. Let’s take a glimpse in to the lives of rocker fathers, their kids, and the musical relationship they share.

1. Does it get any better than a daddy-daughter duet?

Jonny Cash is the happiest man on the planet when singing with daughter Roseanne.

2. It’s important for a father to teach his son the family business.

Here…ATL-ien Big Boi (aka Daddy Fat Saxx) teaches young Cross how to rock the party. Cross has been paying close attention.

3. The classic middle-of-the-concert stage visit

Shana Morrison pays dad Van Morrison and his Caledonian Soul Band a visit mid-song.

4. Families that play together, stay together

Loudon and Rufus Wainwright are a text book example.

5. Dads like to keep an eye on their young children.

Beck Hansen sings one with his boy Cosmo right by his side.

6. Family road trips are a great bonding experience for everybody.

The members of Phish bring their kids out on stage, sit them all in a bathtub, and play a song for their delight.

7. Singing and dancing…

are good for the moral and a feelings of connectedness. Paul McCartney and daughter Stella know all about this.

8. Daddys “still got it”

Frank Sinatra and daughter Nancy groove together.

9. Strengthening family traits

Ravi Shankar and daughter Anoushka accompany one another with their sitars.

10. Bridging the gap

It is important to know where you came from and where you are going. Jazz guitarist Olu Daru has played music for the last 60 years and his son Nas is a young rap icon.

11. Fathers have more wisdom and experience…

they like to impart on their children. Just watch Willie Nelson trade licks with son Lukas.

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