Bobby Keller aka "The Monster Man" has been collecting vintage monster/horror items since he was a kid. He finds time to do so out of his busy schedule for the band Meka Nism and has a true obsession. Watch him as he will be featured as a "FanAddi...
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  • “Confessions Of A Monster Collector”

    Bobby Keller is the lead guitar player for the up and coming band Meka Nism ( from Orlando, Florida. Not a lot of people know that he houses a massive vintage monster/horror collection in his crypt. “A lot of the pieces that I have, I have had since I was a kid…The other items are pieces that I have been lucky enough to find and have had some interesting stories in getting them,” says Bobby. The experience and filming for “FanAddicts” was outstanding. The crew and everyone involved were amazing, and after everyone left, separation anxiety set it. “They are an extension of my family and the time we spent together for the show was the best week of my life…We had such a great time!” Bobby lists his top five items as being his ESP Ouija Inspired Guitar, 1960’s Frankenstein Speaker, Clinton Toys Frankenstein Candy Bucket, a complete set of AHI Monster figures, and a prized Topstone Ghoul mask. “These toys and items are what bring me joy. I can sit in my monster room and just feel calm and at peace. Plus I still look at everything like it was new or I just got it. The energy and passion I have for these things, I get right back.” If you want to see his collection up front and personal make sure to check out the “Movie Monsters” episode of FanAddicts! on Saturday, October 12 on The REELZ Channel at 2am ET/ 11pm PT.

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