Prosecutors Smile, Laugh During Sexual Assault Press Conference

State attorney discussing Jameis Winston case chuckles, jokes during announcement and questions in Tallahassee.

Prosecutors in Tallahassee held a press conference today to announce that charges would not be filed against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. The event was marked by several moments of laughter as state attorney Willie Meggs answered reporters’ questions in wry fashion (screencap via@bubbaprog):

ID: 2092720

Here, former Florida state senator Al Lawson laughs at Meggs’ answer to a question about the alleged victim’s number of sexual partners:

ID: 2092748

Laughter as Meggs responds to a question about when Heisman Trophy voting takes place:

ID: 2092901

After a question about why the alleged victim hadn’t told investigators about her boyfriend:

ID: 2093133

After Lawson’s unilluminating response to the question of why he was at the press conference despite having no obvious connection to the case:

ID: 2093283

When a reporter asked the admittedly redundant question of whether a sexual assault had taken place:

ID: 2093438

After a long question:

ID: 2093587

The reaction online was not positive.

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