Boston Fans, Players, Pets Go 100% Crazy Celebrating First Fenway World Series Clincher In 95 Years

New England rocks out.

1. With a 6-1 flattening of the Cardinals tonight, the Red Sox won the first World Series clinched at Fenway Park since 1918.

2. Here’s a video, taken from the crowd, of the game’s last few minutes. It gets tense, tense, tense, and then explodes.

Matt Slocum / AP
Matt Slocum / AP
Elise Amendola / AP

6. On-field euphoria quickly segued to the Champagne Stage.

Greg Cooper / USA Today Sports / Reuters

9. Six months ago, the city was strangely empty, locked down during the hunt for the perpetrators of the April 15 marathon bombing attacks.

10. Tonight, tens (hundreds?) of thousands took to the streets in happier circumstances.

Tory Germann / Reuters

12. Some gravitated toward the finish line of the marathon, where the bombs had gone off.

15. A writer from Deadspin happened across a cat dressed as Superman. The cat was stoked.

Or indifferent.

16. Twerps overturned at least one car, as twerps will do, but there are (as of yet) no reports of widespread violence.

17. With 3 a.m. approaching, the party was still going at Fenway, and no doubt elsewhere.

19. It looks like it was prettttttttty fun.

21. It’s going to be light in about (oh, God) an hour, but we’re betting the championship glow will last.

23. Bostonians better hope it does, because those hangovers are going to be substantial. And everyone needs to get ready for a rager of a victory parade.

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