Literary Analyst Ryan Gosling

Allegory, imagery and metaphor have never been so chiseled and handsome.

Quote from Charles Altieri, Painterly Abstraction in Modernist American Poetry, CUP, 1989

Quote from Don Paterson, The empty image: new models of the poetic trope

Quote from Roland Barthes

Quote from Wallace Stevens, Opus Posthumous

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Quote from Umberto Eco, Form as Social Commitment

Quote from Diana Fuss, Essentially Speaking: Feminism, Nature and Difference, Routledge, 1980

Quote from Roland Barthes, Myth Today

Quote from W.H. Auden, The Dyer’s Hand and Other Essays, 1963

Quote from Richard Wilbur, Quarterly Review of Literature 7

Quote from Valéry, Oeuvres, Collected Works

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