14 Things That Happen On Every Conference Call

Hint: Press the mute button. We can all hear you in the background.

1. Hearing the words “Hello, who just joined” 40 times on one call.

Yes, it’s totally necessary to know the names of all 43 people on the call.

2. You get all set to introduce yourself, and then three people say their names at the same time as you.

3. Hopping on a call three minutes late and then having to awkwardly introduce yourself.

“Excuse me…hello. Hi. Yes. I just joined.”

4. Saying something vaguely inappropriate, followed by a strange silence — WAS I ON MUTE?

5. During a 30-minute call, all you say is your name and “Have a great night, thanks!”

6. That moment when you finally know the answer to a question someone asked.

7. Multitasking for 24 minutes, and then hearing someone ask you a question.

“I’m sorry…I was getting some feedback on the line. Could you repeat that?”

8. Joining a call early, and it is just you and someone you’ve never met on the line.

9. Knowing the exact words the conference call lady will say every time.

10. Background noise drowns everything out, and then the usual “I think we’re getting feedback on the line. Could everyone press mute?”

If we all press mute, does that mean the call is over?

11. You think someone isn’t on the call anymore, and then they burst in “Sorry, I was accidentally on mute [giggle]”.

Is this your first conference call?

12. “I think we can take this offline” and then proceeding to talk about it for five more minutes.

So, when 2 people out of 50 care about the conversation, it shouldn’t continue?

13. The guy who actually dares to ask questions on the call.

“Does anyone have any questions” IS A RHETORICAL QUESTION.


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