Kevin Perkins
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  • This is What I Was Talking About.

    This is in Solway, Tn. Right between Knoxville and Oak Ridge (right before you go over the bridge going into Oak Ridge). I told my friend Adam about it and told him the whole story about who Jim Jones was. After a pretty lengthy conversation (on my end), Adam told me he knew all about who he was. It felt like such wasted time. But hell… What’s 5 minutes, right? We were just hanging out anyways. No big deal. It got us talking about something either way. Because we were just sitting there kinda bored and didn’t really have anything to say at the time. You know… just hanging out playing some PlayStation and pissing time away. A few weeks later Adam came over and showed me this picture he took of what I had told him about. I never made it over there myself to take a picture of it. But thanks to Adam, we now have this picture of what I saw, which I thought everyone else should see also. So, this is what I was talking about. View Image ›