Why Everyone Should Be Watching Hollywood Game Night On NBC

This hilarious gem is this summer’s greatest gift to TV.

1. There are actually super funny celebrities on the show.

The first episode brought us TWO funny Friends and the always hilarious Kristen Bell. What more could you ask for?

ID: 1494947

2. Jane Lynch is a wonderful host, but it’s Jane Lynch so that’s to be expected.

ID: 1494964

3. They play this hilariously terrifying celebrity face swap game

ID: 1495004

This face will haunt my dreams.

ID: 1495014

6. The celebs get really into the games

ID: 1495026

9. It’s just like your normal game nights at home, but with famous people who love to drink!

ID: 1495044

10. No really,

ID: 1495052

11. They love to drink.

ID: 1495055

12. Each new episode brings different games that are all equally entertaining. So you too can play along at home and pretend all these celebs are your new best friends.

P.S. that’s totally Matthew Perry in the drawing for a game called “Little Picassos”

ID: 1495080

13. Games that involve guessing food AKA I was able to guess all of them

ID: 1495082

14. A sort of guess that tune but they can only use the words Doo-doo-doo to sing the song. Hilarity ensues.

ID: 1495090


ID: 1495101

20. OH and a lucky “normal civilian” gets a chance to win $25,000. But thats chump change compared to the priceless memories they will have after being on this show.

I would pay $25,000 to get to play games with some of these people.

ID: 1495115

21. Set your DVRs to Thursday night at 10. But I know you are anxious to start watching now so you will be happy to know all these episodes are on Hulu. YOU’RE WELCOME.

ID: 1495120

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