Why Han Solo Was The Best Bro Ever

“Sorry about the mess.”

Han Solo is a bro from a galaxy far, far away.

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1. If you really think about it…

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3. He is condescending.

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4. He knows how to use his friends.

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5. He is never that impressed with you.

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6. He wants to know if you’re mad.

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7. He knows how to confront his enemies.

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8. He is adorably agressive.

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9. And he will act really intimidating.

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10. Until people actually start fighting.

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11. He is sarcastic about his friends death.

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12. He knows how to fix things.

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14. He knows how to treat his ride.

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15. He knows how to make women crazy.

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16. Han can take an insult.

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17. And give one.

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18. Especially to his friends.

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19. The club can’t handle him right now.

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20. And he makes this face.

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21. He does this stance when he shoots a gun.

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22. He has the best derp face ever.

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27. He asks you if you are serious?

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28. He can “ya hoo” with the best of them.

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29. And he has impeccable timing.

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This is Bro Solo.

ID: 873628

Or Han Brolo.

ID: 873837

30. The best bro in the Galaxy.

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