What It’s Like Being Hungover At Work

You can do it!

1. So, this might have been you last night:

ID: 1118777

2. And you sort of went to bed like this:

ID: 1118818

3. Your alarm rings in the morning and you wake up to a horrifying realization:

ID: 1118808

4. “It is 7:00 and I have to be at work in an hour.”

ID: 1118763

5. Oh, and also:

ID: 1118772

6. But you realize you don’t have any more call-out days.

ID: 1118875

7. What have you done?

ID: 1118806

8. After getting two steps from your bed you feel like:

ID: 1118783

9. But like it or not you are getting launched into this day.

ID: 1118768

10. You try to get dressed.

ID: 1118819

11. But this turns into the most painful experience of your life.

ID: 1118824

12. Then you have a look in the mirror…

ID: 1118799

13. But you do what you can and throw on some sunglasses.

ID: 1118826

14. You desperately chug a Gatorade before you hit the road.

ID: 1119475

15. But you have to skip breakfast.

ID: 1118848

16. Leaving your apartment feels like:

ID: 1118834

17. Most of your commute feels like:

ID: 1118874

18. By the time you arrive at your building, life has kicked you across the room.

ID: 1118765

19. The elevator is crowded and stops at every floor on the way to yours.

ID: 1118764

20. Entering your office, there is the harsh realization that you will spend the next eight hours here.

ID: 1118778

21. You walk into you office hoping no one notices your state.

ID: 1118821

22. You go straight to the kitchen for the company coffee.

ID: 1118776

23. Then you stare at your work station from across the room.

ID: 1118757

24. Once you get to your desk you resist the urge to relapse.

ID: 1118823

25. You turn on your computer and try to remember your log-in.

ID: 1118800

26. Your office friend comes over to ask how your weekend was.

ID: 1118814

27. Your response to their questions:

ID: 1119472

28. Your friend leaves because you were not being talkative.

ID: 1118811

29. In fact, every person who comes by and tries to talk with you feels a bit like:

ID: 1118810

30. Your manager slaps you on the back and reminds you about your morning meetings.

ID: 1118796

31. You enter all of your meetings sort of like this:

ID: 1118797

32. And every time you sit down:

ID: 1118798

33. There are some snacks at the meeting, but you are a bit too agressive with them.

ID: 1119471

34. Throughout most of the meeting you are nonresponsive.

ID: 1118767

35. Unless you are making an attempt to drink your coffee.

ID: 1118817

36. Someone asks you to contribute to the discussion.

ID: 1118762

37. But your contributions fall a bit short.

ID: 1118812

38. And you just know your boss is judging you.

ID: 1118805

39. Leaving your meeting, you know the whole office is watching you.

ID: 1119474

40. You sit back down at your desk and your computer starts locking up.

ID: 1118856

41. And you just can’t seem to handle any assignment.

ID: 1118804

42. “Oh, thank GOD it’s lunchtime!”

ID: 1118827

43. Still too agressive.

ID: 1118831

44. You get to your desk after lunch.

ID: 1118774

45. And through the afternoon you pretty much phone it in…

ID: 1118832

46. …hoping your coworkers will help you pick up the slack.

ID: 1119470

47. Until you get asked to fill out your expense reports.

ID: 1118766

48. When the clock finally strikes 5:20…

ID: 1118860

49. …on the way out your boss asks you if you wouldn’t mind coming in early tomorrow.

ID: 1118801

50. You leave the office!

ID: 1118813

51. And you’re all like:

ID: 1118849

52. You made it through the whole day!

ID: 1119301

53. Settling in back home.

ID: 1119228

54. Ready for another day!

ID: 1118782

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