42 Things We All Know To Be True

It’s just true. It just is.

42. Your GPS may secretly be trying to kill you.

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41. This is what losing weight feels like.

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40. Original arcade games were much deeper in meaning than the ones we have now.

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39. Cereal will remain one of your favorite foods for your entire life.

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38. The company of friends is the most comforting thing you encounter on a regular basis.

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37. You will never appreciate this going on near or around you.

ID: 1001690

As we are often the guy in the hoodie.

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36. A sense of doom awaits when you are not prepared for the beach. (look closely)

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35. Some questions are best left unanswered.

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34. Some things look too good to be true, and are.

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33. This will be explained to future generations in the same way we try to decipher hieroglyphics.

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“But what’s a drop-box?”

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32. There was something magical about the 90’s that you can’t put your finger on… but you miss it.

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31. Politics is confusing and terrifying.

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30. Your best intentions sometimes don’t turn out.

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29. You are often this dog when it comes to romance.

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28. If you had to graffiti something, you would most likely write this.

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Because you know this is true:

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27. Everyday you wake-up hoping a complete stranger will walk up to you and hand you one of these.

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26. There is a monster who lives in your car. He eats your glasses.

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25. This is a difficult choice you make on a daily basis.

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24. Sexism is not cool in any direction.

ID: 1001713

23. This is the meaning of 74.5% of University Degrees handed out in 2012.

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22. Mistaken food can scar you for life.

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21. This has been and remains our basic understanding of a birthday cards function.

ID: 1001718

And we get tired of celebrating birthdays.

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20. The economy has not improved very much recently.

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19. Some people are actually insane and free to do what they want in society.

ID: 1001724

But they have the potential to add so much joy to your day.

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18. Our differences can be very funny and people should attempt to be more lighthearted about them.

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17. This park is not fun.

ID: 1001728

And these are the worst rules ever.

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16. A great deal of fashion is quite meaningless.

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15. Some risks are just not worth it.

ID: 1001732

Like chores.

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14. Most people are not going to pay attention to you.

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But you can have fun regardless.

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13. This image represents modern society (you are the large man in the middle)

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12. For many people, this is a legitimate definition of the American Dream.

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11. There is truly no logical end to what people will buy.

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10. Compulsively taking pictures of what you are about to put into your body is weird.

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9. Mother Nature is pretty wonderful.

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8. Alligators and Crocodiles are essentially just living dinosaurs that still roam the earth and will eat you if they can.

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7. Animals are wonderful until they start chasing you.

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6. This is how every September felt growing up.

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5. Honesty is always the best policy.

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4. Weathermen are generally wrong and not qualified for their job.

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3. This is how you should treat a great server.

The patron asked: “Pick a number between 1 and 10?”

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2. You should not always do what you are told.

ID: 1001697

1. There are some really important, universal rules we should all abide by.

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But there is no better feeling than the thrill of rebellion.

ID: 1001735

So remember that your life is special.

ID: 1002835

And have no fear! If Australia made it to tomorrow, so will you!

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