22 Things The Little Rascals Taught Us About Romance

“You are so beautiful to me!”

The 1994 version of Little Rascals taught us a lot.

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1. But it especially taught us about romance.

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Like singing to your significant other can be very romantic!

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2. It taught us how to talk about people you are attracted to.

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3. That sometimes you don’t know where a relationship is going.

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4. Hearing peoples mushy-romantic-dribble is gross.

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5. Having some money makes a relationship easier.

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6. It is important to feel wanted.

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7. It is always better to just say what you really feel.

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Because you might be taken all wrong if you don’t!

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8. Love can make you do some crazy things.

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9. It is important to reciprocate in a relationship.

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10. This at times:

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11. This a lot of the time:

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12. You are never quite know what’s going to work out.

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So sometimes it’s best to leave your options open.

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13. It is important to be unique and interesting.

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14. Being physically unique can be a plus!

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15. It is important not to give up too much too fast in a relationship.

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16. Flattery is a powerful ally.

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17. You are always happy to see your friend break it off with someone who was not right for them.

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18. Girls are much stronger than you think.

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19. It is hard to forget someone you love.

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20. And even though relationships can be difficult at times, it is really important that you keep your friends.

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21. And the differences between us…

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22. …is sometimes what brings us together.

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Got that?

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