26 Ways To Look Like A Douche

Good job!

26. Wearing a bluetooth…EVERYWHERE.

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What you see:

ID: 1228437

What the rest of the world sees:

ID: 1228430

25. People who own segways.

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And then think they are entitled to take them anywhere.

ID: 1227499
ID: 1227527

24. Popping multiple collars.

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22. Tanning WAAAAYYYYYYY too much.

Ed Hardy t-shirt included.

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21. Not acting your age.

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20. Driving this car to Starbucks.

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19. Counting your money and posting it to a social network.

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18. Sagging your pants.

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17. Purposely doing things that you know will annoy the people around you.

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16. Showing up late and lying about it.

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15. All you can talk about is yourself in social situations.

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14. Cheating.

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13. People who cannot be troubled to put down their technology.

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How the world sees you:

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12. When you show off. What you see:

ID: 1228434

What everyone else sees:

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11. Wearing sweatbands when you are nowhere near a gym/ have no intention of working out.

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Or wearing Croakies anytime.

ID: 1229588

10. When you complain for no reason.

ID: 1228444

9. When you over-compensate.

ID: 1228451

8. Continuously hitting on people.

ID: 1228867


ID: 1228468

7. People that drive like they are the only ones on the road.

ID: 1228746

6. Wearing Uggs, when its 95 degrees out.

ID: 1228748

5. Taking sports WAAAAAYYYYYYY too personally.

ID: 1228752

4. Being needlessly mean.

ID: 1228841

3. Being politically arrogant.

ID: 1228846

2. Driving an obnoxiously loud vehicle because you need attention.

ID: 1228872

1. When you CANNOT BELIEVE that someone has not heard the music you’re into right now.

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