21 People Who Might Need New Friends

Re-think some of these friendships people.

21. The poor girl who wanted a completely different type of blow-out.

ID: 968298

20. The poor weightlifter who just wanted to be big and strong.

ID: 968296

19. This poor mom just taking in the sunset.

ID: 968338

18. The poor scientist who just wanted to get some lab work done.

ID: 968283

17. The poor kid who just wanted to enjoy the serenity of the forest.

ID: 968334

16. The poor cat who was framed.

ID: 968285

15. The poor kid who got greased.

ID: 968276

14. The poor bridesmaids who thought they were gonna catch a bouquet.

ID: 968277

13. The poor child who thought he was kicking a ball full of air.

ID: 968280

12. The poor boy just trying to take a nap.

ID: 968282


ID: 968291

11. The poor bro who just wanted to play the wooden spoon game fairly.

ID: 968284

10. The poor man who got a massive wet willie.

ID: 968278

9. The poor kid who decided to sleep in a speedo.

ID: 968287

8. The poor cubicle worker who will have to crawl into his cubicle now.

ID: 968288

7. The poor bro who wanted to take a firework free shower.

ID: 968290

6. The dad who just wanted a relaxing Saturday with his beer and slippers.

ID: 968293

5. The poor guy who just wanted to sleep off his hangover.

ID: 968295

4. The poor cat who just wanted to trust its owners.

ID: 968297

3. This poor tired farm boy just trying to take and afternoon nap.

ID: 968340

2. This poor girl just trying to go her blush.

ID: 968351

1. Katy Perry, who used to be friends with Nickelodeon.

ID: 968281

But even if your friends do prank you, just remember:

ID: 968439

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