21 Masterfully Creative Resumes

Let’s hope all these people get hired.

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1. The Vintage Resume Package Brian Moose sent to Pixar

ID: 967874

2. The Cereal Box Resume from Victor Rodriguez

ID: 967882

3. Eyad Hussein’s Photography Resume

ID: 967866

4. Christopher Swanger’s Superman Design Resume

ID: 967869

5. Samuel J. Mallett’s Resume Poster

ID: 967876

6. Greig Anderson’s Efektive Design Build Out Resume

ID: 968019

7. Jolie O’Dell’s Record Resume

ID: 967872

8. Novi Surjadi’s Self Portrait Resume

ID: 967865

9. Chuck D Lay’s Resume Advertorial

ID: 967871

10. Loren Burton’s elegant AirBNB Resume

ID: 967879

11. Oona’s Adorable Artist Resume

ID: 967884

12. Féilim Mac An Iomaire’s Dublin Bilboard Resume

His ad, featuring a young student looking across an ocean to the US, Australia and the U.K. got an incredible response and Féilim is now hired by bookmaker Paddy Power as a communications executive.

ID: 968039

13. Josh Butler’s eBay Auction Resume

ID: 972422

14. Kristian Walsh’s LIFE Resume

ID: 972423

15. The T-Shirt Resume

ID: 972424

16. Melissa Washin’s Soft Fabric Resume

ID: 972430

17. Sid Santos’s Coffee Order Resume

ID: 972431

18. The Ariane Denise’s Beautifully Creative Resume

ID: 972433

19. The Passport Resume

ID: 972435

20. Sean McNallys Gamer Resume

ID: 972440

21. Temitope Shoda’s Pocket Resume

ID: 968064

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