27 Everyday Things That Are AMAZING In Zero Gravity

Get ready to have your mind blown!

Everyone dreamed of being an astronaut as a kid!

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27. But are you ready for your mixed nuts to be this AMAZING!!

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26. Did you know magic carpets WORK in space?

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25. But the worm does not?

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24. Staying hydrated is easier in space.

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23. So is eating a banana!

ID: 1034877

Or a tasty orange.

ID: 1034897

22. Drinking coffee is tricky but effective in space.

ID: 1035829

21. Rolling your tortilla has never been easier.

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20. Washing your hands is just soooo much more badass.

ID: 1034878

Grab the water:

ID: 1034882

Rub like a boss:

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19. Hiding Easter eggs is more difficult in space.

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18. Volcanos rule from space.

ID: 1034904

No, seriously.

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17. Your reflection has never looked better.

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16. Adjusting your watch has never been easier.

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15. Or dissolving Alka-Seltzer in water like this?

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14. Cats LOVE space!

ID: 1035292

But frogs freak out in space.

ID: 1035295

13. Your wedding will sweep you off your feet in space.

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12. Playing the flute is suddenly kick-ass in space!

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11. Pajamas are more fashionable in space.

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10. The bubble in the honey is in the MIDDLE of the bottle instead of the TOP! No gravity!

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9. Rocking with your band is more epic in space!

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8. Superheroes make more sense in zero-g.

Courtesy of NASA
ID: 1034907

Like being Spider-Man!

ID: 1035329

7. Your hair is the BEST without gravity to mess it up.

ID: 1034909

And washing your hair is massive.

ID: 1035832

6. Haircuts are a bit more awkward in space. But awesome nonetheless.

ID: 1035330

5. Exercising is the best in space!

ID: 1035338

Deep burn!

ID: 1035345

4. Cooking your spinach is so easy in space!

ID: 1035347

3. Popping water balloons is mind-blowing in space.

ID: 1035828

2. Your commute to work is the BEST in space!

ID: 1035349

1. So thanks to all you brave astronauts who live in space and show us how amazing it is!

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