Which Disney Kiss Are You This Valentines Day?

“Wendy, what’s a kiss?” -Peter Pan

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What kind of kiss do you want this Valentines day?

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32. An enthusiastic one?

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31. A kiss under the moonlight?

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30. Or one in the twinkling sunset.

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29. Maybe a kiss over a romantic dinner?

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28. How about one on a balcony?

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27. A kiss on the beach?

ID: 888255

26. Or in the sea itself!

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25. Perhaps a kiss that knocks your hair down?

In honor of Janie Kim & Joe Dyer.

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24. A kiss while you twirl?

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23. Or maybe just a nuzzle?

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There is nothing wrong with that!

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22. And maybe this valentines day just isn’t your day for a kiss.

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21. Perhaps you are woking on a kiss, keep it up!

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20. Your kiss could be completely unexpected!

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19. Or a total accident!

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18. Maybe you will get multiple kisses.

ID: 888277

17. Your kiss might send a thrill up your spine and out your ears.

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16. Maybe your kiss will be very proper and formal.

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15. Maybe the sky will light up for your kiss!

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14. Maybe your kiss is kind of agressive.

ID: 888345

Or very aggressive!

ID: 888288

13. Maybe yours is a kiss of security.

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12. Your kiss could be something special just the two of you do!

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11. Or maybe there is someone between you and the one you really want to kiss.

ID: 888344

10. Or you might have to sneak your kiss!

ID: 888340

9. Or maybe your kiss is just adorable beyond words.

ID: 888346

8. Your kiss could be forbidden by your family.

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7. Perhaps you’re just not sure what a kiss is.

ID: 888353

6. Do you want an enchanted kiss that breaks a spell?

ID: 888263

5. Or a kiss that brings you back to life?

ID: 888270

4. Or one that wakes you up from a dark place?

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3. And maybe you have waited your whole life for this kiss.

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2. In the end, we hope your kiss ends up like this:

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