27 Heart-Melting Moments Of Childhood Discovery

So happy to discover the entire world.

27. Discovering the mind-bending glory that is driving through tunnels.

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26. Discovering the miracle of flight.

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25. Discovering the magic that is television.

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24. Discovering that bathwater needs to be a specific temperature.

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23. Discovering that a lemon tastes different from other fruit.

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“No way!”

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“Um, Next please.”

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22. Discovering how difficult your hair can be in the morning.

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21. Discovering how awesome birthdays are!

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20. Discovering how easy it is to take a nap after a long day.

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19. Then discovering how difficult it is to find a comfortable sleeping position.

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18. Discovering that all things are not playtime.

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Like how powerful a hadouken is!

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“OK, that’s enough for now.”

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17. Discovering the art of jumping and diving.

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16. Discovering that not all things smell that great.

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15. Discovering how fun it is to read!

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14. Discovering the value of a fierce face.

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13. Discovering shortcuts in a daily routine.

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12. Discovering how awesome this feels.

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11. Discovering the incredible properties of your face!

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This is something your dad is also discovering.

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10. Discovering the difficulty of using utensils .

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9. Discovering how comforting food is.

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8. Unless you’ve had enough already.

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7. Discovering that the force is with you.

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6. Discovering how sweet dancing is!

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We know you’re gonna be awesome at it!

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5. Discovering how AMAZING Halloween is.

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And how Christmas is a bit more complicated.

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4. Discovering that hoses are tricky things.

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3. Discovering that animals are amazing!

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And that cats are cozy.

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And that dogs are man’s best friend.

ID: 977455

And that pigs are not!

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2. Discovering that the world is fill of incredible, magical things!

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1. And we’re discovering that you want to be just like us!

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And we know you are going to rock for the rest of your life!

In honor of Ellis Virginia Coppins.

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