27 Crazy Things That Can Only Happen In Alaska

Everybody should live here, but they would die.

27. Having this problem:

ID: 1413912

26. Needing these signs.

ID: 1412847

And this one:

ID: 1412574

25. Attending school when most people would just curl up and die.

ID: 1413685

24. This diverse range of items available at your local store:

ID: 1413687

And getting chased by a moose when you are buying all of them.

ID: 1413918

23. Ken.

ID: 1413686

22. This competition:

ID: 1413828

21. Places called:

ID: 1413917

20. Your family dressing like this and no one asks any questions.

ID: 1413923

19. This wedding.

ID: 1413924

18. Biking 100 miles through the mountains in SNOW…

ID: 1411477

Eat your heart out FRANCE!

ID: 1414529

17. In Alaska, this could easily be your neighbor:

ID: 1411510

And when you go to his house for a beer, this happens.

ID: 1411492

“You got something in your teeth, bitch, yolo.”

ID: 1411501

16. This grooming.

ID: 1411652

15. Having a plane…

ID: 1411693

…that has a doggy door.

ID: 1411694

14. Surfing on a DAMN glacier.

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/35515926.
ID: 1411711

13. Cops breaking up eagle parties.

ID: 1411775


ID: 1414252

12. Getting towed via dog.

ID: 1411791

…or by moose power.

ID: 1413919

11. Walking into water with just a gigantic net…

ID: 1411805

… and catching more fish than you can carry.

ID: 1411786

10. This is your neighbors preferred form of transportation:

ID: 1411828

Or this:

ID: 1411811

9. Moose do yoga in your yard.

ID: 1411850

8. Giant salmon swim down your road.

ID: 1412800

7. Your grandfather’s pastimes include this:


ID: 1412816

6. Your pet is not the largest animal on the block.

ID: 1412821

By a long shot.

ID: 1413922

5. These homes are for sale:

ID: 1412835

4. You are indifferent to people making fun of your elected officials…

ID: 1411566

Because you know they are crazy, and you like that.


Sen. Lisa Murkowski, planking apparently, and Sarah Palin.

ID: 1413367

3. Baby moose playing in your sprinkler:

ID: 1414260

2. Catching an actual sea monster.

ID: 1414434


ID: 1414435

1. Messing with Texas.

ID: 1414436

The rest of America is just so small and boring right?

ID: 1411635

Ahhh, Alaska.

ID: 1413664

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