23 Things That Can Only Get Better From Here

Things will be looking up…soon!

23. This dad’s parenting skills.

ID: 1005877

22. Future family photographs.

ID: 1005879

21. Your next ride on the Happy Train.

ID: 1005888

20. Your public parking abilities.

ID: 1005889

19. Love letters from your wife.

ID: 1005890

18. Your surfing abilities.

ID: 1006803

17. This graphic designer’s use of the reflection effect.

ID: 1005898

16. This man’s Lotto winnings.

ID: 1005899

15. The demands of Dr. Hedgehog.

ID: 1005901

14. This boy’s track-design skills.

ID: 1005902

13. This man’s grammar.

ID: 1005903

This woman’s spelling.

ID: 1005907

12. Your exercise routine.

ID: 1006802

11. This Yahoo answer thread.

ID: 1005895

10. Your attitude after patronizing this establishment.

ID: 1005910

9. Your future accommodations.

ID: 1005918

8. The future handling of leash kids.

ID: 1005922

7. The self-esteem of everyone who worked at this McDonald’s.

ID: 1005923

6. The success of this advertising campaign.

ID: 1005927

And the PR for Emory University’s Math Department.

ID: 1006244

5. Your social sensibility after entering this party.

ID: 1005932

4. Your job.

ID: 1006884

3. Your self-image after being called into CNN as an expert on this subject.

ID: 1005939

And this lady’s dating life.

ID: 1006242

2. Your heart rate after avoiding nature’s pee geysers.

ID: 1005942


ID: 1006243

1. Your experiences with kittens.

ID: 1006811

Nothing can get better than this man’s obituary.

ID: 1005917

Nothing can get better than the lives of these little fishes.

ID: 1005935

And, as for this chicken, life will not get better anytime soon.

ID: 1005944

SO REMEMEBR: “At least you are not the chicken.”

ID: 1006245

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