100 South Korean Nerd Boys Have A Puberty Meltdown

Puberty reached.

1. So Korean dance team Waveya is doing a sexy dance for an all boys school in South Korea.

ID: 1116193

2. And some boys in the crowd just could not handle it:

ID: 1116192

3. Especially the amazing kid in the blue vest.

ID: 1116265

4. “I CAN’T.”

ID: 1116266

5. And then the he totally loses it on this move.

ID: 1116194


ID: 1116264

7. “BEST DAY…”

ID: 1116262

8. “…OF MY LIFE.”

ID: 1116263

9. And right as the crowd is at a fever pitch, the girls pull this move.

ID: 1116195

10. “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

ID: 1116198

11. This is 100 boys reaching expedited puberty at the exact same moment.

ID: 1116200

12. You’ve done it-Congratulations girls!

ID: 1116229

13. You can watch the whole video here:

ID: 1116224

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