Meet Rosie

She’s an antidepressant, just in cat form.

1. Rosie an 8 year old, former show kitten Exotic Shorthair with a few minor issues

Somehow that weird, little face won some blue ribbons.

ID: 1021624

2. such as an odd eye

Don’t worry, that cloudy spot is not a cataract and her vision is 100% clear; unfortunately, what some find charming others find unattractive, and her burgeoning show career and lucrative cat calendar modeling prospects vanished.

ID: 1021708

3. and the inability to keep her tongue in her mouth.

Will it ever be contained?

ID: 1021746

4. Oh, there it is again from below.

Possibly the last and most terrifying view for a small insect

ID: 1021983

5. Her favorite things include destroying straw wrappers, sleeping in plastic bags,

Target bags hold a special appeal

ID: 1022003

6. hopping into other bags,

This bag is her preferred method of transport to and from the vet

ID: 1022014

7. monitoring work activities,

She makes a great manager

ID: 1022017

8. hoarding electronics,

Has absolutely no idea how to properly catch a mouse

ID: 1022026

9. using eerie light to her advantage,

Pretty sure she plans this stuff

ID: 1022029

10. staring wistfully into the great blue yonder,

Most likely dreaming about her past show kitten life and how it all could have been so different

ID: 1022040

11. making weird noises

Rosie is known for her snuffles, snarfles, squeaks and this weird high-pitched eating/purring sound

ID: 1022065

12. and of course lots of cuddling and sleeping.

“Awww!” inducing every time

ID: 1022114

13. Way better than Prozac

The product of a yearlong search on Petfinder

ID: 1022170

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