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  • Los Angeles Website Design

    In Los Angeles things move fast, and if you want your company to be successful you are going to need a strong web presence. This is to help you be more competitive in your field but to also give customers a quick way to find you when they don’t want to search very hard. is an innovative company that can transform any website into an easily accessible well-designed source of information for your customers. They can create a website for you from scratch, redesign the website you already have, and create a mobile app to give you access to more people.

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  • Fighting Corporations and a Death Sentence

    Four years after a health insurance company decided her life wasn’t worth saving, 18-year-old Miran Istina, who suffers from myelogenous leukemia, has dedicated her struggle to the global fight against the corporate control of politics.

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  • E.J. Dionne, Jr.: 3 Signs Anti-Wall Streeters Are Succeeding

    We may be reaching an inflection point, the moment when the terms of the political argument change decisively. Three indicators: An important speech by Rep. Paul Ryan, the increasingly sharp tone of President Obama’s rhetoric, and the success of Occupy Wall Street in resisting attempts to marginalize the movement.

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  • Student Debt by Skin Color

    You may know that American student debt—which is swelling at a rate of almost $3,000 a second—is expected to hit $1 trillion by the end of the year. But do you know how the tab breaks down by ethnicity? Who owes the most? Who owes the least? Is anyone escaping its debilitating grip?

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  • Robert Scheer: Thirty Years of Unleashed Greed

    It is class warfare. But it was begun not by the tear-gassed, rain-soaked protesters asserting their constitutionally guaranteed right of peaceful assembly but rather the financial overlords who control all of the major levers of power in what passes for our democracy. It is they who subverted the American ideal of a nation of stakeholders in cont

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  • FBI Engaged in Large-Scale Group Profiling

    Researchers at the ACLU recently uncovered an FBI program that uses census data to draw maps that link racial and ethnic communities to certain types of crimes. The investigations, known under the names of “assessments” and “domain management,” appear to have been going on for several years.

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  • Oakland, Atlanta Officials Take It Up a Notch Against Occupy Movement

    Tuesday morning’s arrests of Occupy Oakland protesters, along with the recent display of police prowess that Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed visited upon the occupy encampment in his own city, add up to signs of trouble that could threaten the peaceful tone of the movement, at least as The Christian Science Monitor framed it Tuesday. But is this an accur

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  • Extinction: Another One Bites the Dust - Subspecias of Rhinos

    A subspecies of rhino native to Southeast Asia has been wiped out. There are now just 50 members of its parent species, the Javan rhino, left in the world. It’s a reminder that the danger in endangered is real, and we can’t just sit back and hope conservationists can keep human beings from annihilating Earth’s biodiversity.

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