The Ultimate Collection Of Creepy, Gross And Ghoulish Halloween Recipes

People will talk about these spooky, disgusting Halloween meals and drinks long after the party is over.

1. Severed Fingers

Wiener Sausages with Ketchup and Onion

ID: 1775778

2. Creepy Eyeballs

Made from Eggs, Food Colouring and Mayo

ID: 1775783

3. Baked Human Hand

Meatloaf with Onions and Cheese

ID: 1775786

6. Frankenstein Dip

Dip with Spinach and Artichoke

ID: 1775794

7. “Sweet” Rat

Cookies and Cream Cheese Ball

ID: 1775798

9. Dexter Blood Slide Suckers

Made from Sugar and Corn Syrup

ID: 1775807

19. “Eyes” Cubes

Use radishes and olives

ID: 1775847

21. Stuffed Roaches

Dates with Cream Cheese

ID: 1775849

22. Earwax on a Swab

Mini marshmallows on lollipop sticks

ID: 1775850

28. Black Bat Wings

Chicken wings with black food colouring

ID: 1775861

29. Worms in Dirt

Hot dogs and black beans

ID: 1775863

36. Bloody Eyeballs

Chicken breasts with tomato sauce and olives

ID: 1775878

43. Worms in Dirt

Hijiki Salad

ID: 1775892

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