9 Ways To Take Your Vines To The Next Level

Here are some pointers to make your Vines stand out from the rest of the pack.

1. Use a tripod to steady the image

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If you don’t have access to a tripod, try stabilizing your phone in an empty coffee mug.

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2. Mark a spot to keep things consistent

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Create compelling stop-motion and 360º Vines by marking a spot on tape to help you keep the subject static throughout the video.

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3. Create a time-lapse to tell a longer story

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For example, when creating a time-lapse panorama, follow these simple steps:
Count to 15, tap, turn, and repeat.

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4. The best stop-motion Vines have more taps

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You can tap the screen approximately 70 times when recording a 6 second Vine. The more taps you can include, the better your stop-motion will look.

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5. Cover your lens to create transitions

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Hold your hand over the lens so all you see is black. Then quickly take it away and start recording as your Vine fades-in from a white screen. Using transitions will add a dramatic effect to your stories.

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6. Use a different lens for a unique perspective

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Try the olloclip fisheye lens for a cool wide angle.

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7. End where you started to create a seamless loop

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Try ending a recording so your last frame or clip makes a smooth transition to the start of your sequence. Add the hashtag #loop to give your Vine a chance to be seen by more people.

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8. Leverage the pause/play functionality to create a game

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Create an interactive and engaging Vine prompting your followers to tap the Vine to pause, and then tap it again to play.

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9. Follow Unpopular Now for even more tips and tricks!

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Unpopular Now is a collective Vine account created by a group of popular Viners. Many of the posts give a behind-the-scenes look at how trending Vines are made.

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