Arcadia: The Coolest Thing To Take Photos Of At Glastonbury

The massive fire-breathing Arachnid stage is a camera-friendly crowd pleaser.

1. Is this the best DJ booth in the world? / Via Jamie Simonds

2. Straight out of War of the Worlds / Via Jamie Simonds

3. Packed beneath the pod every night / Via Jamie Simonds

4. Lasers off… / Via Jamie Simonds

5. Lasers set to stun(ning) / Via Jamie Simonds

6. Fire in the hole! / Via Jamie Simonds

7. Surveying Glastonbury at dusk / Via Jamie Simonds

8. Even from afar, it steals all the glory / Via Jamie Simonds

9. Thank you for the memories fire breathing spider / Via Jamie Simonds

See you next year!

10. Now, spend four minutes watching how it was built

… and check out more amazing Glastonbury photos on the BBC Glastonbury site.

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