21 Types Of Fries To Make This Summer

It’s the best way to eat your veggies all season long.

1. Classic Potato Fries

Learn how to make them here.

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2. Banana Fries

Delicious with a little pico de gallo. Get the recipe.

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3. …Not to be Confused with Plantain Fries

Get the recipe here.

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4. Sweet Potato Fries

Delicious with ketchup or sprinkled in brown sugar. Get the recipe.

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5. Onion Fries

Nope, not onion rings, and also known as a bloomin’ onion. Get the recipe.

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6. Zucchini Fries

Get the recipe.

ID: 1321158

7. Polenta Fries

How do you make polenta even more glorious than it already is? Make it a finger food. Recipe here.

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8. Asparagus Fries

Yikes! These look scary but amazingly crispy. Recipe here.

ID: 1321198

9. Eggplant Fries

Skip the ketchup and the marinara sauce and go Mediterranean with some tzatziki or tahini sauce. Recipe here.

ID: 1321204

10. Apple Fries

Enjoy with cinnamon and sugar and dip in whipped cream or caramel sauce. Recipe here.

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11. Avocado Fries

It’s like crispy, green nature butter that melts in your mouth. Get the recipe.

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12. Carrot Fries

It just feels healthier. Learn how to make these little gems.

ID: 1321219

13. Green Bean Fries

Make ‘em extra spicy with red pepper flakes and crushed black pepper. Recipe here.

ID: 1321220

14. Yucca Fries

Recipe here.

ID: 1321222

15. Jicama Fries

Enjoy these sticks of heaven with sriracha sauce. Learn how to make them!

ID: 1321228

16. Chickpea Fries

These are much more finger-friendly than falafel. Learn how to create them yourself.

ID: 1321233

17. Pickle Fries

The most superior of fries. Learn how.

ID: 1321237

18. Parsnip Fries

Recipe here.

ID: 1321240

19. Taro Fries

These purple specked beauties are great with ketchup, Asian flavors like ginger and soy sauce, or brown sugar. Recipe here.

ID: 1321241

20. Squash Fries

Recipe here.

ID: 1321242

21. Tofu Fries

A nice fluffy way to get your protein. Check out the recipe.

ID: 1321243

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