Pikas Will Bring You Flowers

Having a bad day? Meet the most generous, most understanding animal in the world: the pika.

1. Meet the Pika:

Despite their mousy appearance, pikas are adorable little lagomorphs in the Ochotonidae family, which means they’re actually related to rabbits and hares. They’re a common enough sight in the western United States, where they hang out in rocky areas and basically do pika-ish things all day. Maybe you’ve heard of these guys before, but unless you’re a pika expert, you probably don’t know this one thing about pikas: Pikas HATE it when you’re sad. Pikas will do anything to make you feel better. Here is the irrefutable proof.

ID: 971395

2. Did you take a wrong turn this morning?

ID: 971407

3. Cheer up! Pikas will bring you flowers.

ID: 971250

4. Did the cat get into the toilet paper again?

ID: 971414

5. You’ve had a hard day. Let this pika bring you some flowers.

ID: 971247

6. Can’t afford some necessary house repairs?

ID: 971426

7. SURPRISE! This pika brought you some flowers.

ID: 971276

8. Could you really, really use a baby sitter?

ID: 971428

9. Pikas will watch the kid while you go out tonight. Oh, and here are some lovely flowers.

ID: 971253

10. Will no amount of product tame your hair?

ID: 971432

11. This pika’s got flowers AND a degree in hairstyling.

ID: 971254

12. Did you blank on today’s math test?

ID: 971438

13. Well, he brought a blade of grass, but his heart is in the right place.

ID: 971248

14. So you made a pizza to console yourself, but then this happened.

ID: 971443

15. Don’t cry over spoiled pizza! Pikas will bring you flowers.

ID: 971260

16. Did you really mess things up with your significant other?

ID: 971450

17. Don’t despair! Pikas will bring you flowers.

ID: 971261

18. Does Starbucks NEVER get your name right?

ID: 971453

19. Pika will brew you a better cuppa, and hell, he also brought you some flowers.

ID: 971263

20. So you really wanted cookies and milk, but the cookies won’t freaking fit in the glass.

ID: 971463

21. Pika says: “Break them in half!” And oh look, he also brought flowers.

ID: 971283

22. Has your life ever gotten so absurdly out of control that you think nothing will ever go right again?

ID: 971460

23. It will get better eventually, you know. And in the meantime, this pika has brought you some flowers.

ID: 971391

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