25 Funny Animal Signs

Some of these signs are inherently funny, others are improved by funny animals. Either way, how can you go wrong? (Pro-tip: you can’t!)

2. I hope they’re not speaking from experience.

ID: 458483

3. It was Stripper Day at the aquarium.

ID: 458430

4. How do they know?

ID: 458567

5. 1 in every 5 penguins aspires to be a car mechanic.

ID: 458448

6. The remaining 4 smell funny.

ID: 458498

7. But isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?

ID: 458509

8. An important question.

ID: 458516

9. Don’t encourage them.

ID: 458818

10. Bilingualism is important.

ID: 458544

11. Sometimes these work.

ID: 458584

12. Sometimes they don’t.

ID: 458601

14. I mean, in case you didn’t know.

ID: 458677

15. The alligators won’t mind.

ID: 458721

16. But the crocodiles will.

ID: 458746

17. How often does this happen?

ID: 458789

19. Just so we’re clear.

ID: 458828

20. Run, probably.

ID: 458843

21. It’s impressive, I guess.

ID: 458855

22. Seems fair.

ID: 458866

23. What the sign says.

ID: 458894

24. This speaks for itself.

ID: 458807

25. Be careful anyway.

ID: 458917

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