21 Unconventional Things People Have Used To Make Bras

These bras are trying to make a statement, but I’m not always sure what that statement might be. It could be “I recycle!” or “I’m an artsy type!” or possibly “I’m a walking junk heap!”

1. Lobster Shells

ID: 463463

2. Holiday Wreaths

ID: 463477

3. Candy Necklaces

ID: 463460

6. Buttons

ID: 463481

7. Headlights

ID: 463538

11. Chocolate

ID: 463492

12. Goldfish

ID: 463512

14. Skulls

ID: 463517

15. Baseball Mitts

ID: 463518

16. Cardboard

ID: 463555

18. Beer Caps and Tabs

ID: 463545

19. LED Displays

ID: 463564

21. Giant Fish Sculptures

ID: 463570

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