21 Reasons You Need To Start Hanging Out With Bearded Dragons

Seriously, go find yourself a bearded dragon BFF right now. You have no excuses once you’ve seen this post.

1. They will keep you safe from invading forces.

ID: 625671

2. They’ll thoroughly check your food for traces of poison.

ID: 625679

3. They’re totally game to go 4-wheeling on the weekends.

ID: 625670

4. They understand you have certain base needs.

ID: 625674

5. They’ll go with you to the spa, ‘cause they like to relax.

ID: 625675

6. They’ll teach you the rudiments of magic.

ID: 625682

7. And if you’re a good pupil, the advanced course too.

ID: 625709

8. They have excellent hygiene.

ID: 625704

9. They love Shark Week just as much as you do. Perhaps even a little bit more.

ID: 625676

10. They are totally punk rock. (Check out the mohawk, man!)

ID: 625760

11. They heard you liek Mudkipz. Lulz.

ID: 625672

12. They’ll always let you hang out in their bedroom.

ID: 625695

13. Cats love to cuddle with them.

ID: 625767

14. Unlike other lizards, they know how to use a snowmobile.

ID: 625745

15. They somehow manage to pull off this kind of hat.

ID: 625698

16. They always dress up for Halloween.

ID: 625701

17. And make their bed in the morning.

ID: 625727

18. They’ll watch Ghostbusters as many times as you want.

ID: 625702

19. They are pretty, pretty princesses.

ID: 625707

20. And finally, they freaking love pancakes.

ID: 625710

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