21 Animals That Have No Respect For Authority

Let us lament the depravity of the animal kingdom. They’re lawbreakers and troublemakers, the whole lot of them.

1. There’s something fishy about this Kingfisher.

ID: 1143967

2. And this sea lion refuses to go quietly.

ID: 1144020

3. This deer and dog got picked up for interspecies loving in a public place. If you know what I mean.

ID: 1143850

4. This duck has been scamming unsuspecting victims since it first learned how to waddle.

ID: 1143953

5. This trespassing turtle doesn’t give a fig about what you think.

ID: 1143840

6. This ostrich has been pulled over for speeding at least five times in the past two weeks.

ID: 1143857

7. This squirrel says “nuts” to police tape.

ID: 1143871

8. Yes, that is a chicken crossing the road. Just not at a crosswalk.

ID: 1143879

9. As if what this moose did wasn’t bad enough, NOW he’s evading arrest. I hope he has a decent lawyer.

ID: 1144030

10. This underage bear was caught driving without a license.

ID: 1143884

11. They had to call out the SWAT team to deal with this cat.

ID: 1143928

12. I suppose the bleeding heart liberals will claim that this woodchuck can’t read. I’m not buying it.

ID: 1143938

13. When this cow protests it’s never peaceable.

ID: 1143959

14. I don’t know what this sloth was arrested for, but I’m sure it was up to no good.

ID: 1144038

15. Really, those handcuffs should have been on this goat from the very start.

ID: 1143995

16. Oh, it’s just another unruly pig disturbing the goddamned peace again.

ID: 1144007

17. What is it about dogs trying to get away with this?

ID: 1143890

18. No, seriously.

ID: 1143943

19. Yeah, you’re cute and all, but I’m not that stupid.

ID: 1143947

20. I see what you’re doing. It won’t work.

ID: 1143915

21. Bad dog.

ID: 1143980

Just remember: You can’t evade the law for too long. The cat police know how to find you.

ID: 1143898

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