20 Spectacularly Nerdy Pokémon Jokes

Q: Why should you never tell your Pokémon when you’re taking a shower? A: Because they might Pikachu.

1. Dougtrio

ID: 630346

2. Underage Charmanders

ID: 630551

3. I’m sure Pfizer will be able to help you one day.

ID: 630402

4. “‘Cause you ask for it, ‘cause you need one…”

ID: 630358

6. “I can show you the world.”

ID: 630522

7. Missingno glitch IRL.

To read more about the Missingno glitch, click here.

ID: 630539

8. There’s fewer calories this way.

ID: 630616

9. The noise cats make.

ID: 630625

10. Pokémon strategy

ID: 630653

12. Yikes.

ID: 630731

13. “I believe I can sooooooar…!”

H/t for the inspiration.

ID: 630740

14. So. Difficult.

ID: 630751

15. He’s got the pose down and everything.

ID: 630789

16. It’s super disturbing!

ID: 630810

17. Important notice is important.

ID: 630822

18. Look at your life, look at your choices.

ID: 630828

19. Seriously, does he ever open his eyes?

ID: 630877

20. Unown versions of BuzzFeed badges?

ID: 630888

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