20 Spectacularly Nerdy Art Jokes

Art: If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it. Otherwise enjoy the puns, parodies, and painting humor!

1. Oh, the treachery of images!

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ID: 631670

2. Mouseketeer Van Gogh

ID: 646161

3. I always wondered about the title.

ID: 631675

5. How to draw an owl in two easy steps.

ID: 646211

6. So that’s where he got it.


ID: 646175

7. What else would Dali eat?

ID: 646176

8. What blue said to orange.

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ID: 646187

9. The scream that Gotham deserves.

ID: 631677

10. Art history as told by smiley faces.

ID: 646215

11. None, apparently, Edouard.

ID: 646219

12. So call me maybe…?

ID: 646221

13. Fresh colors!

ID: 646227

14. Best friends, even if they mix a bit differently.

ID: 646229

15. The definition of modern art

ID: 646232

17. Just add cats.

ID: 646289

18. The Son of MacBook

ID: 646300

19. Cake decoration supplies

ID: 646308

20. Voltron dans les Coquelicots

ID: 646302

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