20 Bizarre Pictures Drawn By Little Kids

They’re too young to know better, right? Ranging from just plain odd to mildly disturbing, here are some of the strangest kids’ drawings on the internet.

1. Just some horses.

ID: 435310

2. He’s very flexible.

ID: 435238

3. “How are you doing in hell?”

ID: 435285

4. They’re scissors. Really.

ID: 435262

5. Such a nice sentiment.

ID: 435392

6. No, that’s not disturbing at all.

ID: 435243

7. Makes total sense.

ID: 435277

8. Run, leprechauns, run!

ID: 435240


ID: 435280

11. Any guesses?

She swears it’s a dress.

ID: 435395

12. Yup.

ID: 435287

13. It’s not what you think it is.

It’s a lawn mower.

ID: 435381

14. Pigs are gross.

ID: 435398

15. Until the digestive juices kick in, anyway.

ID: 435527

16. It’s OK because everyone is smiling.

ID: 435468

17. Spotted dick?


ID: 435471

18. Hey mom…

ID: 435474

19. Well, it’s accurate.

ID: 435524

20. *Cough*

ID: 435523

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