12 Animals That Want To Apologize To You

These animals know they’ve been jerks. And they are so, so sorry.

1. This dog…

…couldn’t feel more badly about how she’s treated you.

2. This cat…

…regrets being so arrogant. She knows being insecure is not a good excuse for her behavior.

3. This sparrow…

…really hopes you’ll still be his friend.

4. This cat…

…understands why you’re angry. But the possibility of never speaking with you again makes him want to cry.

5. This turtle…

…feels so small when she talks to you. Why couldn’t she have been nicer?

6. This dog…

…wants you to know that he’ll do anything to earn your forgiveness. That includes leaving the squirrels alone.

7. This snail…

…doesn’t want to come out until he’s made peace with you.

8. This cat…

…wishes she spent more time telling you why you’re such a great guy.

9. This goat…

…has a hard time looking you in the eye.

10. This spider…

…wishes he could hug you with all eight of his legs.

Image credit: Thomas Shahan

11. This chick…

…can’t really live with herself right now.

12. This puppy…

…wants you to know that he admires you very much.

Can’t you find it in your heart to forgive them?

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