The 29 Essential Drizzy Drake Dance Moves

You can master his moves in no time…mostly because he really only has five of them.

1. If you’re a beginner, The Shy Guy Shuffle is always a good place to start.

Don’t forget to lick your lips! It is essential to elevating your two-step from that of a wallflower to that of a seductive, sensitive soul.

ID: 983631

2. But when you’re ready, it’s time to get into Drake’s signature moves. First up, “The Gettin’ In My Zone” Shoulder Pop.

ID: 983654

3. The “Ahh! There’s a mouse!” Hop.

ID: 983687

4. The Mariah Carey Diva Head Shake.

Make sure you hit the highest of high notes for maximum effect.

ID: 983932

5. The Jungle Gym Ladder Climb.

ID: 983665


*It’s a Degrassi thing.

ID: 983936

7. The Dougie (Old Folks Home edition, for more swag).

ID: 983661

8. The Clapping The Erasers.

YEAH! School’s out!

ID: 983798

9. The Twinkletoes.

ID: 983672

10. The Fall On Your Face.

ID: 983720

11. The Surprise Krump Attack.

ID: 983925

12. The Body-Roll Up On Your Grandma.

ID: 983793

13. The Toronto Snow Swat

ID: 985594

14. The Pogo Stick Pop.

ID: 988182

15. The Sneaky Turtle.

ID: 983999

16. The Lazy “Ya Feel Me?”

ID: 984769

17. The Let Rihanna Do Her Thing, Just Stand There Drake, Don’t Ruin It.

ID: 984054

18. The Pat On The Back.

ID: 984475

19. The Single Lady Hand Shake

ID: 984523

20. The Closer To G-d Chair Lift.

ID: 984540

21. The Eager Beaver Head Bob.

ID: 984645

22. The Floyd Mayweather.

ID: 984722

23. The “Whoa Whoa Whoa, Where Am I?”

ID: 987580

24. The Elephant Trunk Swing.

ID: 984756

25. The Aisle 4 Shuffle.

ID: 987567

26. The Death By Bling.

ID: 987583

27. The Vacation Swag Walk.

ID: 987569

28. The Billboard Swag Walk.

ID: 985591

29. The “Hell Yeah, I Can’t Believe I’m A Rapper!”

ID: 984542

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