10 Times Being A South-Asian Is The Worst

It’s not all paint-throwing and amazing food.

1. “Where are you from? No, where are you ORIGINALLY from?”

Unless I was actually born in India, no, I am not “originally” from there.

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2. “You’re really [pretty/hot/cute], for an Indian.”

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This person is essentially saying that A) you’re only attractive compared to other Indians, so you’re not as attractive as people of other ethnicities, and B) that Indians/South-Asians are inherently unattractive. Not cool.

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3. When another South-Asian sees you in public and won’t stop staring at you.

It’s like they’ve never seen another Indian person before.

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4. Getting a B on a test and “shaming the family.”

The maths test was really hard, though!

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5. Getting “brown-girl wasted” from one glass of wine.

I swear our low alcohol tolerance is genetic.

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6. Being forever alone in high school because you’re not allowed to date.

Bonus points if you’re a girl who’s technically not allowed to date in college or university either.

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7. Telling a barista your name so they can write it on your cup.

Or any time someone else needs to write down your name. I default to spelling out my name right after I say it but somehow people still get it wrong. Conversely, you have a small moment of joy when someone spells your name right without your help and then feel weird for the amount of love you feel for them at that moment.

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8. Telling your parents you don’t want to be a doctor.

Don’t worry, they’ll get over it. Eventually.

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9. When you go to an Indian wedding and every relative comes up to you and says, “You’re next.”


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10. General ignorance.

Like when someone asks me to speak “Indian” to them. Or when people assume I’m going to have an arranged marriage and be locked away in a kitchen forever. Or when my teacher asked me to make her a curry for extra credit.

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